Step 1

1) You (the Client) can make an appointment with Integrity Solutions if needed by clicking here.

2) If an appointment isn’t needed, please download the “Taxestogo” app. Get it on: Google Play and App Store.

Then proceed to enter your information and upload your documents.

Once you are done uploading those documents, please proceed to click on the next links to finish your intake:

Step 2

Your Tax Professional will complete your return and contact you, if necessary with any questions or concerns.

Step 3

Each client will be entered into our Client CRM and receive the final findings from your tax return. This information will include your return amount or the amount that you may owe, along with the final price for the service. (Each client may opt out of this service by simply telling their Tax Professional that he/she would prefer to receive a secured email instead.)

Step 4

Once the terms are accepted, the client will need to:

1) Sign the Return (The Tax Professional will give instructions from here)

2) Sign the Consent to Use and Consent to Disclose below once you have agreed to the submission of your return.

Step 5

The Pay Options will be discussed with the client. However, if a payment should need to be made you can click below or wait on your invoice.